I began my search for university courses with just Journalism in mind. Since I was little, I loved to write silly, fake articles to the Evening News about the lack of cleanliness in the parks. Even at A Level, writing blog posts or news articles was something that seemed to come easier than most tasks. Journalism was a no-brainer for me, I knew that much.

The topic always seemed pretty dull to me, though. Yes, I enjoyed writing, but I did more so when I was writing about something I was passionate or enthusiastic about. I guess that’s where music comes in. From around the age of eleven, the age I became aware of music and it’s vastness, I would lose myself in it. Personally, it was escapism.

Over the years though, I began to find the ins and outs of the music industry fascinating. The music itself I still adored; how so many emotions or thoughts could be expressed in three to four minutes, but I started to love everything about it.

I’m currently studying Music Journalism at the Southampton Solent University.

I’m no expert at the moment. The use of this blog for me, and the posts to follow, means I may become a lot more confident within my writing and I can fuel my motivation for future writing. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Feel free to check out my Twitter: @lxbbyjade