Kodaline: I Wouldn’t Be EP Review

It’s been almost a four years since the Irish foursome have released new music, but I was thrilled to hear the news of a third album being released this year. There were even European tour dates released just to further my excitement. Unfortunately, as anybody who purchased the tickets will know, the tour was cancelled… Continue reading Kodaline: I Wouldn’t Be EP Review


La La Land- Why it’s already the best film of 2017

March might seem a little too early to be throwing away such a title, but the masterpiece that is Damien Chazelle’s, ‘La La Land’, is well-deserving. Chazelle (director of Oscar-winning ‘Whiplash’) really imagined something special when he created the musical, not only for music lovers, but for the vast majority of aspirers, reformers, and dreamers.… Continue reading La La Land- Why it’s already the best film of 2017